In addition to creating predictable, even and efficient processes, simplifying management and increasing participation, Lean also saves money as a way of thinking and working. So far, we have saved the following amount of money to our customers:

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Well completed VSM training with new customer!

After a recent two-day training in value stream mapping with a new customer, we received a gratifying statement: "Thanks for a very well-facilitated education". During the training, we focused on the customer's closing process and how they can radically shorten the lead time by eliminating waste.

Good reference after completed workshop in meeting structure for a management group!

We are proud of the following feedback we received from one of our customers after a two-day workshop within the meeting structure for their management team:

"I want to thank you for helping us get such a good order at our management team meetings. Now we have been running for almost a year according to the template you helped us to produce and it feels so good. The meetings work much better and it is clearer What we should do at every opportunity Recently, I have booked the entire 2019 meeting according to the same model. "

New mission at Fiskarhedenvillan!

Since a previously appreciated work for one of our customers Fiskarhedenvillan, we have once again been given the opportunity to support them in their development journey. The assignment includes support within meeting structures.

JIT success with one of our customers!

"We have been able to double our production of a product that accounts for half of our sales"

The quote comes from one of our customers after we successfully completed a Just in Time work with them. Fun to show that a business can be developed with a focus on thinking and working methods according to Lean!

Smart work gives good results!


We offer among other things, personal consultations, surveys based on Lean Production, workshops and training courses using train-the-trainer philosophy.

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Our work is based on long-term relationships with our customers, which exist globally in widely different industries.

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All our consultants are production people with many years of experience in leading positions in manufacturing industry.

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