PT Lean Training Center

The same opportunities for all businesses!

Unfortunately, not all companies have dedicated LEAN development teams within their organization to develop their LEAN efforts. We think that is a shame! We want to offer all companies the same opportunities to educate and motivate their employees through LEAN training programs that is normally only available in really big companies. Therefore, we have created our own Lean Training Center, which is incorporated in a real production facility, where you can practice LEAN production both theoretically and practically.

Our training programs

Lean in practice

Lean in practice is a shorter training which aims to give an overview of the different LEAN tools, how they work and are connected, focusing on practical exercises.

  • Toyota´s 14 principles
  • Lean fundamental training 
  • Standardized work
  • 5S
  • Just in Time 
  • OEE
  • Continous improvement tools
  • SMED
  • Autonomous maintenance
  • Proffesional maintenance
  • Pulse meetings
  • Valuestream mapping
  • Strategic plan
  • Lean support organization 

Basic Lean training

  • Basic Lean understanding
  • Introduction to the Lean toolbox
  • 5S – The foundation of improvements
  • Standard work, on Gemba

Lean management

  • Leading and developing the Lean work
  • Roles
  • Pillar owners
  • Steering committee and Lean Roadmap

Focused improvment

  • Measuring and developing line performance, OEE
  • Tools for eliminating interferences
  • Kobetsu Kaizen - systematic improvement work on the Gemba

Changeover optimization - SMED

  • Internal and External changeover, on the Gemba
  • Sequence optimization
  • Quality Assurance
  • Changeover time reduction

Autonomous Maintenance

  • Initial cleaning, on the Gemba
  • Eliminating causes of contamination
  • Lubrication, on the Gemba
  • Inspection – Condition based maintenance
  • Optimization Autonomous maintenance

Just in Time

  • Tools for improvement study
  • Current state analysis, on the Gemba
  • Future state vision based on Lean-principles - Waste reduction
  • Simulating new way of working, on the Gemba
  • Supply of material - Mizusumashi, Kanban


  • Current state analysis, on the Gemba
  • Identifying and managing risks and unsafe behaviours

Value stream mapping

  • Current state analysis process flows
  • Vision
  • GAP-analysis and plan forward

Strategic plan

  • Current state analysis layout
  • Vision future plant
  • 10-year plan
  • Phasing